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Making the switch to better banking with Kleberg has never been more easy! Switching your old account over, including automated transactions, direct deposits and auto payments, is just a few clicks away with ClickSwitch. ClickSwitch is available in online banking and the mobile app.

ClickSwitch takes the chore out of switching an account. In as little as a few minutes you can quickly and securely move all of your recurring transactions to Kleberg Bank, eliminating hassle of contacting each of your auto draft creditors and your employer.

Here's how it works. Once you are enrolled in online banking, just log into your Kleberg Bank account and then click on "Switch Kit" at the top of the screen. If you are using the mobile app, click "menu" on the top left hand, and then click "Switch Kit."

The steps are easy and intuitive. You will want to move any direct deposits first by entering your direct deposit information. Select the new account from the drop down list and the deposit will be switched. You also have the option to use "Switch Assist." This will connect with your old banking institution and allow you to select the deposit from your history.

Next, switch your recurring payments by either entering the payment details or using Switch Assist.

It's Convenient, Fast and Secure.