Account Services

Additional Services

At Kleberg Bank, we focus on convenience, value, and service. We offer options to simplify your life — not just your banking. These are just a few of the added convenience services we provide:

Automatic Loan Payments

Save time — and money! Automatically transfer funds from your checking or savings account to make your Kleberg Bank loan payment each month, and you may receive a discount on the loan rate.

Combined Statements

This complimentary service combines all of your Kleberg deposit accounts into one, easy-to-read statement. You can see savings, checking, CD investments, even IRAs at one time — a total view that makes managing your finances easier.

Night Depository

Make deposits any time of the day or night with our convenient night depository. In Kingsville, the depository is located at our Drive-In Financial Center, at the intersection of 5th & King. In Corpus Christi, the depository is located at our Ayers Financial Center at 4211 Ayers at Port. Before making your deposit, please review our Night Deposit Precautions.

Overdraft Access

Anyone can make an error. Overdraft access protects you by paying, rather than returning, insufficient checks. This saves you the embarrassment, cost, and the hassle of dealing with a returned check.

Money Orders and Cashier's Checks

For those times when a personal check will not suffice, these payment options are available. 

Wire Transfers

We can help you send or receive funds from anywhere around the country or around the world. Wired funds are fast and secure. 

Coins to Cash

You don't need to sort, roll, or count your coins again! Just pour your coins into a Kleberg Bank Coin Machine and take your receipt to a relationship banker to get cash!