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Kleberg Bank is an independent community bank serving Kingsville, Corpus Christi, and the surrounding South Texas region.  Since our establishment in Kingsville in 1905, we have built your Bank on a foundation of integrity and community involvement. We remain committed to excellence in convenience, service, and value for consumers and small business customers. 

Banking with Integrity

Kleberg Bank has always cultivated and maintained a spirited commitment to building long-term relationships. Robert Justus Kleberg, son-in-law of Captain and Mrs. Richard King, and Manager of King Ranch, was "the developer, the builder, the experimenter, the expander" who started Kleberg Bank in 1905. Kleberg established the Bank "to help those who showed the spirit of cooperation in community building," a founding commitment that has not changed. These deep roots have provided the Bank with a unique understanding of the people and the culture of South Texas.

For many generations, this straightforward culture has withstood the adversity of depressions, wars, and countless droughts. Outstanding clients, served by solid bankers, have helped each other thrive and prosper. Kleberg Bank has grown to be one of the largest and strongest independent banks in South Texas. We continue to appreciate and support the need for economic opportunity, to foster personal and business success, and to help improve the quality of life in South Texas.

About Our Founder: Robert Justus Kleberg, Sr.

As an entrepreneur Robert Justus Kleberg excelled and established a reputation as one of the most important business leaders in the United States. He initially served as a lawyer for Captain Richard King, gaining the regard and confidence of King and his wife, Henrietta. Upon the Captain’s death in 1885, Mrs. King appointed Robert Kleberg Manager of King Ranch. A year later, Robert married the King’s youngest daughter, Alice. His methodical and visionary mind was not only focused on the Ranch but the future of South Texas.    

Robert Kleberg’s innovative leadership brought railroads to the land, a deep water port to Corpus Christi, built hospitals, schools and universities, and established banks and businesses. As an agricultural visionary, he introduced modern farming and ranching initiatives, making experimental science a part of husbandry and bringing new products for yet untilled fertile soil. When a need arose, improvements were provided, as was exemplified with the establishment of Kleberg Bank in 1905. 

Kleberg's commitment to community lives on and is part of Robert Justus Kleberg’s legacy. His vision for the development of South Texas was manifested across the span of his fruitful life. Robert Justus Kleberg was recognized by the Harvard Business School as one of the Great American Business Leaders of the 20th Century.