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We understand that safeguarding your funds is paramount.  If you have more than $250,000 to protect, Kleberg Bank can provide up to $100 million in expanded FDIC Insurance coverage to protect all of your deposits.

Avoid the hassle and inconvenience of multiple trips to different banks. Enjoy the ease of one point of contact with your trusted Kleberg banker and a local community bank that supports and invests in building stronger communities.

We have two expanded FDIC Insurance programs depending on your liquidity needs:

IntraFi Cash ServiceSM, ICS®  

Through the Bank's partnership with IntraFi, we can provide liquidity, plus assurance that the “uninsured” portion of your deposits is swept to an insured account on a daily basis.  No action is necessary on your part, as the process is fully automated, based on changes to your balance.

Certificate of Deposit Registry Service (CDARS)

Through the Bank's partnership with IntraFi, we can provide expanded FDIC Insurance coverage for Certificates of Deposit (CDs) at highly competitive rates.

Benefits of ICS and CDARS

  • Enjoy peace of mind. Funds placed through ICS or CDARS are eligible for multi-million-dollar FDIC protection backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. And, as bank deposits, the funds are not subject to floating net asset values, liquidity fees, or money market mutual fund liquidity gates, so you can rest assured knowing that market volatility will not lead to a loss of principal.
  • Earn a smart return.  Earn competitive rates of interest on your entire balance.
  • Get the transparency you want.  ICS accounts are available for viewing within the Kleberg Bank online banking platform alongside all of your other accounts.  Plus, IntraFi provides an online portal to view your balances, get statements and review any CDARS placements.

Additional Benefits for Public and Private Organizations

  • Experience simplicity and efficiency. Eliminate ongoing collateral-tracking requirements, footnoting uninsured deposits in financial statements, and manually consolidating multiple accounts – freeing up more time to accomplish your organization’s goals.
  • Manage liquidity. When using ICS, you can enjoy access to funds placed into demand deposit accounts and money market deposit accounts. 

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