Treasury Management

Sweep Accounts

Increase profits by putting your money to work for you. Kleberg Bank offers sweep programs that maximize every penny you have available. Balances that would otherwise be idle are automatically swept to interest-bearing accounts when not in use and swept back when they are needed. We offer a variety of sweep account options, including cash concentration, automated repurchase, and loan sweep.

Cash Concentration

Effectively consolidate funds from multiple banks and/or accounts into a central account.

  • Unparalleled management over accounts
  • Ideal for businesses with multiple stores, outlets, departments
  • Perfect for companies with locations in several cites or states
  • Maximize fund availability
  • Track individual account performance
Automated Repurchase

Idle funds from your business checking account are swept into an interest-bearing account overnight. They are swept back to your checking account the next business day.

  • Increase revenue
  • Earn interest on all available funds
  • Requires no employee time
Loan Sweep

Automatically sweep excess funds from your operating account to reduce your line of credit.

  • Decrease amount of interest payments
  • Increase accounting efficiency
  • Streamline recordkeeping