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We are all working together to find our way through this unprecedented event. And, while we’re all focused on our health, we also realize that a large number of local business owners are equally worried about the financial wellness of their business. We want you to know that we have a team of local relationship bankers that are here to help you weather through the storm of COVID-19. 

Business Loan Assistance

We are committed to helping our small business borrowers during this time.  If you are facing a hardship as a result of COVID-19, and you are finding it difficult to make your regularly scheduled payments, please contact your Kleberg Bank Relationship Manager directly.  We are ready to help you with a payment plan that is right for you.

Treasury Management Services

If government restrictions due to COVID-19 have limited your social interactions and your normal banking activities, we can help you bank conveniently by using our Treasury Management services.  We offer a wide variety of digital banking products that can make your life easier during this time, including:

    • Remote Deposit Capture:  Avoid trips to the Bank by depositing checks easily and quickly from home or business using our desktop scanners.
    • Merchant Services:  Our merchant services partner can help you accept debit/credit card payments over the phone and expand your online service options for receiving payments.
    • Positive Pay:  Our system allows you to monitor check and ACH activity to prevent fraud before it hits your account.
    • Direct Deposit:  Eliminate paper checks and the need to go to the bank by digitally depositing funds to your employees’ accounts.
    • Contact our local Treasury Management Team at (361) 595-2967.

Paycheck Protection Program

Due to the overwhelming response and number of applications received by customers for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP), Kleberg Bank is currently not taking additional applications.  It is important to understand that the Small Business Administration (SBA) designed and implemented the PPP,  underestimating the demand the program would have on banks across America.  Kleberg Bank is working diligently to manage the volume of applications that have been received.  If you have already submitted your application to the Bank, please understand that having all required documentation submitted will assist us in processing your request in a timely manner.

Basics of the Paycheck Protection Program

    • Eligible businesses include companies with 500 or fewer employees, sole proprietors, independent contractors, gig economy workers and self-employed individuals.
    • You do not have to apply to a government agency for this loan.  All applications are made directly with Kleberg Bank, processed locally and funded locally.
    • The maximum loan amount is equal to 2.5x your monthly average payroll expenses, up to $10 million.  This amount is intended to cover 8 weeks of payroll expenses and any additional amounts for making payments towards debt obligations.
    • The amount of principal that may be forgiven is equal to the sum of the expenses for payroll, and existing interest payments on mortgages, rent payments, leases and utility service agreements.  Funds can be used for other business expenses, but that portion of the loan would not be forgiven.  The loan is forgiven at the end of the 8 week period after you take out the loan.  Borrowers will work with lenders to verify covered expenses and the proper amount of forgiveness.  Visit for full details on the principal forgiveness rules.
    • The covered period is from February 15, 2020 to June 30, 2020.  Borrowers can choose which 8 weeks they want to count towards the covered period.
    • Deadline for applications is June 30, 2020.
    • If you have already taken out an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), you are eligible to refinance into the Paycheck Protection Program.  However, you may not take out both types of loans for the same purpose.  If you took advantage of the EIDL grant award of $10,000, that amount would be subtracted from the amount forgiven under the Paycheck Protection Program. 
    • To access our Business Resource Guide and other valuable information, visit our Document Center

Economic Injury Disaster Loan

This is a loan/grant that is applied for directly from the SBA.  Visit for details and to see if this program would be beneficial to your business.

1Loan maturities are based on the ability to repay, the purpose of the loan proceeds, and the useful life of the assets financed.

Kleberg Bank participates in a number of SBA Guaranteed Loan Programs, including 7(a) Loans, CDC/504 Loans, Express Loans, and more.