Green Banking

At Kleberg Bank, we approach our natural resources the same way we approach financial resources: They are finite, and should be used judiciously. In addition to our internal efforts to reduce waste, we offer our customers a number of services that make their life easier—and help save resources along the way.

eStatements: Receiving statements online reduces paper waste significantly. It also simplifies your recordkeeping and helps prevent office clutter.

Online Banking: Many important functions that used to require trips to the bank can now be done from home. This saves gas and reduces carbon emissions.

Online Bill Pay: This service also reduces paper waste. You can set up electronic due date reminders that allow you to stop receiving paper bills altogether.

Remote Deposit Capture: This business service eliminates numerous trips to the bank, saving gas and reducing carbon emissions.

Direct Deposit: Companies can reduce a mountain of paper waste by depositing payroll directly into their employees' bank accounts, wherever they may bank. This also reduces gas used since employees will not have to make a trip to the bank to make the deposit.

ACH Services: Reduces paper waste by allowing businesses to make and collect payments electronically.