Other Services

At Kleberg Bank, we focus on convenience, value, and service for you. We offer options to simplify your life, not just your banking. These are just a few of the added convenience services we provide:

Automatic Loan Payments: Save time—and money! Automatically transfer funds from your checking or savings account to make your Kleberg Bank loan payment each month, and you may receive a discount on the loan rate.

Combined Statements: This complimentary service combines all of your Kleberg deposit accounts into one, easy-to-read statement. You can see savings, checking, CD investments, even IRAs at one time—a total view that makes managing your finances easier.

Night Depository: Make deposits any time of the day or night with our convenient night depository. In Kingsville, the depository is located at our Drive-in Bank, at the intersection of 5th & King. In Corpus Christi, the depository is located at our Ayers Banking Center at 4211 Ayers at Port.

Overdraft Access: Anyone can make an error. Overdraft access protects you by paying, rather than returning, insufficient checks. This saves you the embarrassment, cost, and the hassle of dealing with a returned check.

Money Orders and Cashier's Checks: For those times when a personal check will not suffice, these payment options are available.

Wire Transfers: We can help you to wire to, or receive funds from, anywhere around the country or around the world. Wired funds are fast and secure.