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Coming February 2013

What is Computer Recognition?

Computer Recognition is an added level of security for your Online Banking that lets you tell us exactly which computers you want us to trust.

On a trusted computer, you continue to use your User ID and password like normal. But when your account is accessed from an untrusted computer, we'll automatically prompt you to receive a one-time-use Secure Access Code that can be delivered by text message or an automated phone call.

What Happens the First Time I Use Computer Recognition?

The first time that you log into your Online Banking account, you will be prompted to confirm your identity and that you are logging in from a trusted computer. This will be done through a one-time-use Secure Access Code that will be delivered to you by text message or an automated phone call.

Once you have confirmed that you are logging in from a trust computer, we will automatically recognize that computer for future logins and you will login normally using your User ID and password.

Common Questions

  • How does Kleberg Bank recognize my computer? When you tell us to recognize your computer, we store a secure cookie on it. The next time you log on with the same computer, we will see that you have the cookie and we know that it is a trusted computer.
  • What is a Secure Cookie? A Secure Cookies is a small text file that is sent over a secure connection from Kleberg bank and saved to your computer.
  • How long will Kleberg Bank recognize my computer as trusted? We will continue to recognize your trusted computer(s) until you clear your browser cookies. If you clear your browser cookies, you will be asked at your next login whether to recognize the computer you're using.
  • Why do I have to recognize my computer? This extra security is required by federal law and helps protect your Online Banking against fraudulent access, while also protecting the privacy of your account information.

Click HERE for a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional Things to Consider About Computer Recognition

To help protect your accounts information online, you should:

  • Typically log on to your Online Banking using the same computer(s).
  • Not delete or clear your browser cookies.
  • Ensure you have an accurate phone or cell phone number in Online Banking under Preferences > User > Online Contact Information.

Online Banking Security

Create Strong Passwords

Your password is the first line of defense in protecting your private information from the wrong hands. This is why it is extremely important to consider the following tips when choosing your Online Banking password:

  • Use a different password from your other online accounts
  • Change your password every few months
  • Don't write your password down on paper
  • Don't include your name in your password

Make Your Login More Secure

In addition to the state-of-the-art security automatically built into the Online Banking system, we also provide an optional feature called a Challenge Code to strengthen your logon security:

  • Challenge Code: Your Challenge Code can be used instead of receiving a Secure Access Code through the standard authentication process. This is useful when you cannot receive the delivery of a Secure Access Code through your phone or email.

Setup Security and Fraud Alerts

Setup security and fraud alerts to receive a text message when changes are made to your personal information or security settings or if there's suspicious account activity through Online Banking.

General Security

Update Your Security Software

It's important to keep your security software up-to-date so you can have the best protection and online experience possible. Anti-virus software (such as McAfee or Norton) scans your computer regularly for viruses and spyware. Depending on your settings, it can also monitor your computer and incoming email to block potentially harmful files.

Keep your Web Browser Up-To-Date

All browsers are susceptible to malware and browser security problems. One the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself from these threats is to ensure your browser is up to date. To ensure you can surf the web with confidence, knowing you've got the latest security updates, here are links to KlebergBank.com supported browsers:

Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Websites.

Watch out for copycat websites that deliberately use a name or web address very similar to, but not the same as, that of a real financial institution. The intent is to lure you into clicking onto their website and giving your personal information, such as your account number and password. Always check to see that you have typed in the correct URL and that you are being directed to a secure site containing "https://."

Email Security Tips

Email has become one of the most common methods of communication in the world. However, that also means the potential for cyber criminals to attempt to use email as a way to collect your private information has also risen. To help keep your information safe, here are some great tips to be aware of when checking your email:

  • Kleberg Bank will never ask for your User ID, password, or full social security number through an email.
  • Be wary of suspicious emails. Never open attachments, click on links, or respond to emails from suspicious or unknown senders.
  • If you receive a suspicious email that you think is from someone posing as Kleberg Bank, do not respond or provide any information. Forward the email to Online@KlebergBank.com.
  • If you accidentally respond to a phishing email with personal or account information, contact Kleberg Bank immediately at 361-592-8501 (Kingsville) or 361-850-6800 (Corpus Christi).
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