Interest Rates

At Kleberg Bank, we understand, appreciate and respect our clients concerns about the interest they earn on their deposits. Interest rates on CDs are particularly sensitive at times when interest rates are low. We also understand that while interest income is important, the safety of hard earned dollars is equally important.

Your Kleberg Bank Relationship Manager has access to a broad spectrum of FDIC insured sources, starting with local rates at Kleberg Bank; followed by accessing national rates through Kleberg Financial Services/PrimeVest and from the CDARS program. Your Kleberg Bank banker will help you to use various techniques, such as laddering and structuring CDs, to ensure maximum FDIC coverage and to manage interest rate risk to suit your personal requirements.

If and when Kleberg Bank's interest rates are not the best; we shop the rates for you, and work with you to place your deposits in the most effective places to accomplish your financial goals.

Meanwhile, your Kleberg Bank checking accounts don't change: you always retain the Kleberg Bank personal service and attention that you deserve.

Joe Henkel

President & CEO