Save your company time and money while increasing security. Utilize the wide range of advanced cash management services from Kleberg Bank.

  • Online Business Banking

    Online Business Banking

    Gain complete control over your company accounts. Initiate a suite of advanced services without leaving your office.

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  • Remote Deposit Capture

    Remote Deposit Capture

    Save time and enjoy the convenience of making deposits without leaving the office. Faster availability of funds is another advantage.

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  • Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit

    Reduce costs associated with payroll by using direct deposit. Payroll cards are available for workers without checking accounts.

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  • ACH Services

    ACH Services

    Improve your cash flow and simplify accounts receivable by collecting payments electronically, allowing your business to fully capitalize on all its revenue.

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  • Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    Sleep peacefully with the protection of our maximum security features, including Positive Pay, Account Reconciliation, and SecurID Tokens.

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  • Sweep Accounts

    Sweep Accounts

    Increase profit with programs that maximize every penny you have available, including Cash Concentration, Automated Repurchase, and Loan Sweep.

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  • Merchant Card Services

    Merchant Card Services

    Watch your sales grow. Merchant card services allow you to accept credit and debit cards for payment from customers.

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  • Corporate Credit Cards

    Corporate Credit Cards

    Manage and control your employee expenses. You can assign variable limits and controls on each card individually. Options for large and small businesses.

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